Do I need a designer ? No, that is not mandatory but sometimes it helps the process.

How do I commission a creation designed
specifically for me ?
You may call me at 732-778-7864 or E-mail me at BonnieCustomArt@gmail.com and I will contact you.
We can then arrange a meeting at the location the art work will appear. There is a consultation fee for this meeting.

What is the next step ? The first consultation will determine the direction, feeling and subject of our project. The next step is the concept rendering stage. A contract will be prepared laying out all the points that need to be covered. The agreement is signed and a fee paid.

How is the price determined for the final art piece ? A great many factors figure into pricing the final commission ; the size, complexity and logistics. Whether it will be painted on stretched or free form canvas, plaster coated burlap, paper or furniture.
Intricacy of design, research involved and whether
 I will need to be at the installation.
 (installation of art is additional charge.)

What happens after the color rendering ? * After approval of the color rendering, a contract will be signed for the final piece. The contract will have a payment schedule, approximate start and completion dates.  * Color renderings must be returned
 and remain the property of the artist.

What if I want to change something in the rendering ? Depending on how much will need to be changed,
X's the amount of time needed = charges.

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